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School Support Services


School Support Services works in conjunction with Child, Youth and School Services and the local school community. The School Liaison Officer acts as a communication link between the installation and the surrounding school districts.


School Support Services
Resiliency Center, 600 Thomas Avenue,
Fort Leavenworth, KS-66027
Phone: (913) 684-1655 (DSN: 552-1655)
Fax: (913) 684-1652 (DSN 552-1652)
Email the School Liaison Officer - click This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Hours of operation: Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.


To request information or subscribe to the School Support Services Newsletter, click This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The newsletter features important resources and education information each month.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can the School Liaison officer help you?
* Serves as the primary point of contact for school-related matters.
* Represents, informs and assists Command.
* Assists military Families with school issues.
* Forges partnership between the military and schools

Leavenworth Area School Districts
The Fort Leavenworth Garrison has a memorandum of agreement to support military connected students with seven local school districts. To find out more about these districts, go to Leavenworth Area Schools.

To access school performance information, visit the Kansas State Department of Education, click here.
For Missouri schools, click here.
You may also see how your school rates by clicking here.

Special Needs Information
Special education services are provided by each school district. To ensure timely transfer and appropriate services are provided, please hand-carry a copy of your students Individual Education Program (IEP) as well as a copy of their school records to include test scores, copies of evaluations and any other relevant observations and work samples.  

Gifted Education is not federally mandated. Therefore, a student may qualify for Gifted placement in one state but not another. In Kansas, gifted falls under special education, requiring that gifted students have an IEP. If your child is or was being served in a state other than Kansas, be sure to bring their records and work samples, as well as any test scores. Speak to the school psychologist to ensure they are aware that your child is/was in the program at the previous school. For more information and criteria, contact the School Liaison Officer, the LCSEC, or the school. 

Below is a list of currently available special needs programs.
* Families Together
* Fort Leavenworth Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)
* STOMP Project
* Leavenworth County Special Education Cooperative is the provider for special education services in Leavenworth County Schools. They also provide free screening and early learning programs for age birth to five years (vision, hearing, motor, communication, cognitive, self-help, personal and social). Contact LCSEC at (913) 727-1755.
* Kansas Department of Education Student Support Services
* Tiny K Foundation

Homeschooling Information
The School Liaison Officer is able to provide local homeschooling information, referrals, and resources.
* Homeschooling Legal Defense Association
* Starting a Home School in Kansas
* USD 453 Virtual School - Accredited education opportunities for students K-8th grade
* Home School Association for Military Families

Homework Help
A list of local tutors is available through School Support Services. Child Youth & School Services (CYSS) Homework Centers are after school programs facilitated by teaching professionals in our School Age and Youth Services facilities. CYSS Youth Tech Labs use established technology curriculum in school-age and middle school/teen program.
* Harrold Youth Center Homework Center
* Study Strong

Relocation & Youth to Youth Sponsorship
Soldiers may in and out-process with CYSS by calling the School Liaison Officer or stopping by the Resiliency Center. Both in and out-processing consists of gathering information on local schools and resources regarding transitions. Your Child & Youth Services data will be globally exported for your next duty station.Call (913) 684-1655.

The Military Interstate Children's Compact Commission deals with the challenges of military children and their frequent relocations. The Compact allows for uniform treatment as military children transfer between school districts in member states. Each member state must adopt the Compact through legislation. Contact the SLO or visit the MIC3 website for more information.

The Pioneer Ambassador Program at Leavenworth High School can help ensure a smooth transition for new students. Teens are paired with a student mentor to assist them in navigating their way to a successful school year. To get involved or learn more, contact the Leavenworth High School guidance office at 913-684-1550.

* Youth to Youth Sponsorship Program
* School Quest
* See how your school rates

Information for Teens
* CYS Services Hired! Apprenticeship Program
* Free SAT/ACT Prep Software from EKnowledge
* In-State College Tuition
* Scholarship Finder
* Teen Driver's Laws in Kansas  
* The Senior Year Stabilization Policy allows soldiers with high school seniors to request stabilization from PCS movement during the child's senior year. This is a soldier initiated action. The Soldier should initiate DA Form 4187 requesting stabilization through their unit commander to their servicing PSB/MPD. This must be applied for between March of the Sophomore year and 1 September of the Junior Year. This is a request not a guarantee, the needs of the Army will dictate.

* Contact the SLO for a list of scholarships available to military dependents

Adopt a School Program
Adopt-A-School Program is an authorized program in accordance with Army Regulation (AR) 360-6, Community Relations. Adopt-A-School activities are conducted to increase public awareness of the Army's mission and to foster good relations with the local communities. Adopt-A-School is an initiative of Partnerships in Education (PiE).

The mission of the Adopt-A-School program is to routinely contribute military resources and services to schools in order to nurture the intellectual, emotional, social, and physical growth of children in the Fort Leavenworth area.

Units may choose to adopt one specific school to concentrate their volunteer effort into or they may choose to volunteer in several schools depending on their availability. There are a variety of volunteer activites that could be performed including reading to students, sharing expertise as a guest speaker, school beautification projects, being a lunch buddy, etc. The main POC for the program is the School Liaison Officer. Schools will submit volunteer requests through the School Liaison Office who will disseminate them to the unit POCs. It will be understood that not every request is guaranteed to be fulfilled. The units or individual soldiers volunteer for events and activities which will not conflict with mission and time requirements. Each soldier who volunteers must go through ACS for a local background clearance and submit DD Form 2793. The School Liaison Officer, Jessica Brushwood, is the Fort Leavenworth point of contact for questions or concerns, (913) 684-1655.

Other Helpful Resources
* A-Z Garrisons
* ArmyOneSource
* Boys & Girls Club of America
* 4-H
* Free Military Handbooks
* Military Families Near and Far
* Military One Source
* My Installation Portal
* Military Kids Connect
* Military K-12 Partners, a DODEA Partnership Program
* Military Impacted Schools Association (MISA)
* Military Youth on the Move
* Operation Military Kids
* Parents as Teachers
* Soar
* Sesame Street Family Connections

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